Doppler SODAR - PCS.2000-24

The Metek Doppler SODAR PCS.2000 is an acoustic sounder that measures vertical profiles of wind and turbulence, monitors inversion layers and derives stability classes in height ranges 15 m … ≥ 1000 m. The system is fully integrated with the Metek RASS radar system for vertical profiling of temperatures.

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The PCS.2000 offers easy handling and simple set up, high flexibility in operation and well proven analysing techniques. Powerful software tools are available for system control, automatic data storage and further off-line processing,for remote access by Modem (GSM), for data analysis and professional graphic displays including time series, profiles, contour plots, statistics.

The low power version of the Doppler SODAR PCS.2000 fits perfectly for mobile stand-alone profiling at remote sites with solar supply. Mobile system has a quick set up and a downsized antenna.

No. Of loudspeakers (special arrangements)

24 (2+4+6+6+4+2)


1500 – 2600 Hz

Multi frequency


Horizontal wind components

±50 m/s

Wind direction

0 – 360 °

Vertical wind speed

<= ±10 m/s

Operating temperature

-30  to + 55 ° C outdoor

Number of gates

1 – 40 adjustable (more on request)  

Minimum measuring height

>= 15 m, adjustable

Height resolution

>= 5 m, adjustable

Measuring height

500 m, max 1000 m

Antenna gain

Typ 20 dB

Beam width

7 – 12 ° (depends on frequency)

Power consumption

Approx. 150W average

Low Power Version

<= 50W

Antenna heating (optional)

300 W max, automatically controlled

Dimensions (without enclosure)

800 X 800 (mm)

Mass (without enclosure)

50 kg


Doppler SODAR - PCS.2000-24  20130131_Datenblatt_SODAR24_1.pdf 
Datasheet SODAR PCS2000  Metek_Doppler_Sodar_24_Datasheet.pdf 

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Doppler SODAR - PCS.2000-24
Doppler SODAR - PCS.2000-24
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