Universal anemometer UAM 118A

Universal anemometer UAM118A is an autonomous computerised instrument for measuring, processing, storing and presenting the wind data.

•Small standard dimensions
•Possibility of installation in instrument panels
•Can be used as a lightweight portable instrument
•Easy-to-read LED display
•Large selection of displayed parameters
•Adjustable display intensity
•Adjustable alarm values
•Connection to an external computer


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Small standard dimensions enable easy incorporation of UAM118A in instrumentation panels or also be used as a lightweight, battery powered portable instrument.

UAM118A can accept either digital wind sensors with the frequency output for wind speed and up to 8-bit Gray code output for the wind direction, or analogue sensors with voltage or current outputs. All standard AMES optoelectronic wind sensors are suitable (KVT60A, VMT107, DHV39, DSV39A).

Sensors may be connected as follows:
• from distances up to 100 m directly by a shielded signal cable
• from distances up to 30 km using a local modem module MMP 121 (300 Bd, CCITT V21 or Bell 103) and 2-wire unshielded telephone line

Data are indicated on a big, easy-to-read colour LED display. Adjustable intensity of display illumination enables good visibility in all light conditions from the direct sunlight to the total darkness.

Displayed data:
• numerically: real time / date, maximum wind speed in the averaging interval, instant wind speed, instant wind direction (or minimal wind speed in the averaging interval), wind speed alarm threshold, mean wind speed.
• on the graphic circular scale: instant (or alternatively mean) wind direction, variability sector of wind direction;
• status data: averaging interval, data processing mode (vector or scalar), wind speed units (m/s, km/h or knots), alarm status and power status.

Built-in microcomputer enables various averaging intervals: 2minutes, 10 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, or coustom preset value. Wind speed can be given in m/s, km/h or knots. Anemometer features scalar or vector wind data processing and adjustable alarm threshold. The alarm can be independent of the wind direction, or we can limit it to wind direction fom one or two sectors. The alarm is acoustic and visual, and at the same time a free-potential contact is activated to turn on external alarm devices.

Wind data are stored in the internal memory with battery backup.

UAM118A has 4 analogue outputs to connect an analog recorder, CENTRONICS output for a matrix printer (enabling graphical or numerical data printouts), RS 232 link to the external computer, and CCIT V21 modem channel. This channel enables 2-wire connections of distant sensors and remote indicators.


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144 mm x  144 mm x 86 mm (L x W x D)


1 kg


instrumentation panels, hole 136 mm x 136 mm



Data storage

battery supported RAM, 30 days at 30 min. averaging, 7 days at 10 min. averaging

Analogue outputs

4 channels, 0 - 5 V (optional)

Digital ports

Centronics, RS 232, RS 485

Modem channel

300 Bd, CCITT V21 or Bell 103, 2 or 4 wire


adjustable speed, direction insensitive or in 1 or 2 direction sectors

Alarm indications

optical and acoustical

Alarm output

relay contact

Power supply

110 / 220 V, 50 Hz, 1.5 VA max., built-in battery backup alternative: external battery 12 V


wind speed: pulse output or analog, wind direction: digital, up to 8-bit Gray code or analog

Sensor connections

direct, parallel up to 100 m or 2-wire modem connection up to 30 km


LED display, adjustable intensity

Numerical data

mean value, maximum, instant value or minimum,time/date, alarm threshold: format for speed data: XX.X

Analogue data

mean or instant direction (resolution 5 degrees), wind direction variability sector (resolution 10 degrees)

Averaging intervals

2 min., 10 min., 30 min., 1 hour; adjustable

Wind speed units

m/s, km/h or knots

Averaging mode

scalar or vector

Graphical data printout

4 channel analog recording or graphical registration on dot-matrix printer

Numerical data printout

on dot-matrix printer

Connection to remote indicators

RS485 or 2-wire modem (CCITT V21 or Bell 103) up to 30 km

Communication outputs

RS232, 300 - 19200 Bd, adjustable Baud rate


wind speed 0,1 m/s, wind direction 5°

Operating temperature

-20 to + 50 °C

Storage temperature

-50 to + 80 °C


Datasheet UAM118A  UAM118A_EN.pdf 

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Universal anemometer UAM 118A
Universal anemometer UAM 118A
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