Cloud Ceilometer - CBME80B

The Biral cloud ceilometer CBME80B is used for measuring cloud base height and vertical visibility up to 7500m. The celiometer provides up to three layers of clouds and is suitable for sky profiling for both fixed and mobile application in aviation and meteorology on land, ships and offshore.

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Ceilometer design is based on the LIDAR principle; diode laser emits light, that is detected by a light detector. Real time signal processing is boosted by a powerful microprocessor in combination with a FPGA.

Ceilometer is easy to install and maintenance. Laser has very long life (10 years). It is characterized by low weight and low power consumption.

The cloud ceilometer has outputs for different types of display and recording units. An RS-232 and RS-485 interface supports local control, test and data acquisition. There is a built-in FSK modem for remote control and data acquisition.


Cloud base height (up to 3 layers) or vertical visibility

Cloud amount / sky condition

Backscatter profile


0 – 7500 m


10 m


Greater of ± 10 m or ± 1% of height measured against hard target

Reporting interval

Periodic (15-120 s), selectable polling (any interval)

Laser safety

Eye safe Class 1M in accordance to IEC 60825-1

Operating temperature

-40  to + 55 ° C

Power supply

115V - 230V AC, 45-65 Hz or 12V DC
(must be specified at time of order)

Power consumption

Standard 30W

Heater 200W (when active)


RS-232, RS-485, FSK/V23


15 kg


Directly or with stand (optional)


Stand, Blower for enhanced detection in precipitation, Housing IP66 for harsh environmental conditions, Sun shutter to protect the equipment when sun in zenith (required when deployed in tropical areas), Cloud presentation suite (graphical display software for Windows), Demodulator for FSK/V23, Display for quick mobile display of measurement, Green colour housing (RAL6003)


Datasheet CBME80B  CBME80B_CLOUD_CEILOMETER_DS_DOC101422_01A.pdf 

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Cloud Ceilometer - CBME80B
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