FM-CW Doppler Wind LIDAR - Wind Ranger 100/200

The Metek Wind Ranger 100/200 is a wind meter based on LIDAR LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) technology and Doppler effect. They derive 3D wind vectors from continuous scans (± 10 ° zenith angle) for a designated measuring volume at a max. rotational speed of 2 rev./s.

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Designated measuring volume is determined by the adjusted focal distance; the Wind Ranger 100 offers up to 8 measuring heights within this range arbitrarily selected by the customer (e.g. 10 m, 15 m, 20 m, 30 m , 60 m, 90 m, 100 m), the Wind Ranger 200 extends the measuring range to 200 m and the number of selectable measuring heights to 20.

Wind data are derived according to the adjusted averaging interval within 1 s to 30 minutes. Angular resolution for each sample is approx. 3.6 °.

The innovative frequency modulation provides both, a wide wind measuring range and an unambiguous determination of the radial winds, so no extra wind sensing devices are needed at ground. The frequency modulation further prevents any bias in case of strong variations of back scattering along the line-of-sight observation which are typically caused by low hanging clouds or by distant (moving) obstacles positioned behind the measuring volume. A further high value bonus of the frequency modulation is the ability of online monitoring of the distance of the effective measuring height which allows identification and correction of extra contribution from low hanging clouds.

Low energy consumption (< 60 W without a/c, extra 140 W with a/c) allow a stand-alone operation in combination with solar power. The internal memory collects wind data over long periods, ethernet connection a remote monitoring of measured data.

Laser wavelength

1545 nm, laser class 1M (eye-safe)

Measuring range

Wind Ranger 100: 7 – 100 m

Wind Ranger 200: 7 – 200 m

Max number of measuring ranges

20, consecutively measured (typ 4 – 8 used)

Range resolution

Wind Ranger 100: 0,16m at 10m, 16m at 100m

Wind Ranger 200: 0,08m at 10m, 8m at 100m

Range of wind speed

0 – 60 m/s

Range of wind direction

0 – 360 °

Range of std. Dev. Of vertical wind

0,02 – 3  m/s

Accuracy of wind speed

0,2m/s or 2% at wind speed >10m/s

Accuracy of wind direction

3° at wind speed > 5 m/s

Accuracy of std. Dev. Of vertical wind

0.1 m/s or 5%

Time resolution

0.5 s or 1 s (one complete VAD scan)

Averaging time wind profilers

Adjustable, typically 1 – 30 min

Data output and control

Ethernet, Web GUI

Built-in memory

32 GB



Ambient condition

Standard - 30 to + 35 ° C

Extended - 30 to + 45 ° C

Power requirements

Standard 24 VDC, 60W (100-240VAC optional)

Extended 24 VDC, 60W+150W (100-240VAC optional)

Dimensions (enclosure)

620 H X 530 W X 340 D (mm)

With 4 height adjustable supports:

840 H X 540 W X 580 D (mm)


Approx 50 kg


2-axis inclination sensor, compass

*Observed uncertainty in measurements depends on parameter setting (averaging time, number of measuring heights, etc.) and atmospheric conditions (aerosol distribution, visibility, turbulance). Accuracies are given for 10 minutes averages, 8 measuring ranges, 1 rev/s, moderate turbulance.


Datasheet Wind Ranger  20220425_DataSheet_WindRanger100_200.pdf 
Comparison Wind Ranger  20190926_Comparison_WindRanger.pdf 

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FM-CW Doppler Wind LIDAR - Wind Ranger 100/200
FM-CW Doppler Wind LIDAR - Wind Ranger 100/200
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