Data logger SPA 170

The SPA170 is an affordable, low power and compact general-purpose data acquisition and logging unit.

  • Measures flexible set of parameters
  • Simple to use
  • High accuracy
  • Long autonomy with internal battery
  • Possible powering with alternative sources (wind, solar panels)
  • Internal data storage, expandable with SD memory cards
  • Accept all standard meteorological sensors
  • Communication over RS 232, RS 485, Ethernet, GSM/GPRS
  • Support FTP and Websocket protocols
  • Optional with touch LCD


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SPA170 measures and calculates the following values: instant data, average value (in pre-set intervals), maximum (in pre-set intervals), minimum (in pre-set intervals), addition, etc..

At the end of each measuring interval, station stores measures and calculated data into its memory on a FIFO principle. Data are not lost if the station is powered off. Stored data can be reviewed or transmitted to the external computer. Much longer data storing intervals (up to several years) may be achieved using SD memory card. This card can be removed from the station and used as portable data-transfer media.

It has internal memory, 8 16-bit and 4 12-bit analog inputs, 13 digital inputs, 2 x PT100 (PT1000)  and 4 digital counters, all with the possibility of additional expansion and serial, mobile and network data transmission.
SPA170 electronics of the station is enclosed in a cabinet that can be, easily mounted on a standard mounting DIN rail.

Station can accept all standard meteorological sensors (temperature, relative humidity, atmospheric pressure, wind, ground temperature, precipitation, etc.). Other sensors (meteorological, hydrological, environmental, etc.) can be added. Meteorological calculations, such as evaporation, sunshine duration, etc., can be incorporated in the SPA170 software.

SPA170 has internal Flash memory, which can be enlarged by standard removable SD memory cards.

All configurations parameters can be set via RS-232 communications or Touch screen display (optional) and are stored in the internal memory.

SPA170 can communicate through RS-232, RS-485, Ethernet or GPRS/GSM module.


160mm x 105mm x 60mm ( L x W x H )


1 kg


Closed housing  IP30


DIN mounting rail 

Operating temperature

-30  to +60 °C  

Power consumption

No display: 30 mA
With display: 110 mA
With GSM/GPRS module: 130 mA


5 x 10 pin, 2 x 4 pin, 1 x DB9 male RS232 (opcija), 1 x SD/MMC (opcija)


CMOS technology


5" LCD touch screen (optional)

Power supply

external, +10V to  15 VDC (optional 24V)

Analog inputs

2 x PT100 (PT1000) (2, 3, 4- wire connect)
8 16-bit channels (or 4 differential) configurable as voltage or current
4 12-bit channels configurable as voltage or current

Digital inputs

13 ( 0 to 24V ) (4 inputs configurable as counter, frequency)  

Digital counters

4 ( 16 bit  0 - 24V )

Current generators

2 x 0.2 - 20mA   2 x 200uA  (optional)

Voltage generators

2 x 0.2 -10V, 1 x 3V (optional)

Digital outputs

1 x rele switch (optional)

Sensor connection

direct, parallel up to 2 km  or: 2-wire RS485 to 5 km   RS232A, RS 485, SDI-12  

Data logging memory

2 MB internal Flash memory; expandable with 2GB - 32GB external SD memory card (optional)  

Distance of data transfer

RS232 15m max; RS485 5km max

Air pressure sensor

optionally built in, 300 to 1200hPa accuracy 1hPa

Communication outputs

RS232, RS485, GSM/GPRS (optional), LAN (optional)

Data transfer protocol

through FTP, Websocket, RS232 or RS485


Datasheet SPA170  SPA170_EN.pdf 
Order form  SPA_170_Order_form.pdf 

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Data logger SPA 170
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