Wind speed and direction sensor KVT 60A

KVT60A is a combined rotation sensor for wind speed and wind direction. 

  • Low-threshold starting speed
  • Resistant to all weather conditions
  • Anodized aluminum and plastic
  • Different output signal
  • Type calibrated in wind tunnel
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Suitable for national met office


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KVT60A is made of naturally anodized aluminium. 

For the wind speed sensor, a three-cup Robinson's cross is used, which, with a perforated rotated disc and optoelectonic transducer gives frequency proportional to the wind speed.

For the wind direction part of the sensor, a square rudder is mounted outside, and inside on the axis, a coding disc is fixed. In combination with the optoelectronic elements, this gives coded wind direction data. The six channel Gray's angle coding system is used in the directional part of the transmitter.

On the top of the wind speed axis there is a ertalyte radial bearing and on the bottom there is a double sapphire bearing. The directional axis is mounted on two ball bearings.

The electronic elements are protected from overvoltage by resistors and zener diodes. The normal additional load (icing) cannot damage the transmitter.

On the bottom of the sensor there is an aperture of 25 mm in diameter and 40 mm in depth for mounting the sensor. There is also a ten pin waterproof connector. The sensor can be delivered with wind tunnel calibration.

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Merilno območje

0 m/s – 50 m/s

0° do 360°

Startna hitrost

0.1 m/s

0.05 m/s

Konstanta poti

cca. 3m dolžine zraka, ki povzroči 63,2% odziva senzorja



+/- 0,5 m/s

+/- 2,75°


0,1 m/s



20 imp/m


Merilni sistem

stroboskopski disk, optoelektronski pretvornik

optoelektronski pretvornik

Izhodni signal

impulzni signal

frekvenca 1 kHz pri 50 m/s

6-bitna greyeva koda

Opcija izhodni signal

napetostni 0…10 V, tokovni 4…20 mA, RS232, RS485 serijska komunikacija (9600/8,N,1) ali SDI


12 VDC


12 mA

Delovna temperatura

-40 do + 60 ° C

Skladiščna temperatura

-50 do + 80 ° C


Souriau, 10-polni, vremensko odporen


9 žilni, oklopljen


ϕ 600 x H 310 mm


600 g


nosilni tulec, odprtina ϕ 25mm X globina 40mm


ohišje – eloksirani aluminij
Robinsonov križ – UV stabilizirana plastika


Datasheet KVT60A  KVT60A_EN.pdf 
Order form  KVT60A_Order_form.pdf 
Wind speed factory test   
Wind direction factory test   
Wind speed and direction sensor KVT 60A
Wind speed and direction sensor KVT 60A
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