SWS-200 Visibility and Present Weather Sensor

The Present Weather Sensor is a cost effective solution for measuring visibility and present weather designed for use on highways and for general meteorological and wind energy applications.Features

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selectable measurement range

robust construction 

precipitation accumulation

The present weather sensor comprises

 2 x measuring windows

 Power voltage 9-36 VDC 

Digital outputs (RS-232C, RS-422) and analogue output (0-10V)

More information on: http://www.biral.com/meteorological-sensors/visibility-and-present-weather

measurement range selectable
measures present weather 4 types
digital and analogue outputs both
precipitation accumulation outputs yes with fixed 24 hour time frame
switching relays 3 relays
accuracy and durability industry standard
measures visibility (in km) yes
RS232 or RS422 output yes
window heaters yes
optional sensor heating yes
low power requirements yes
servicing requirements none
spare parts required none
negligible maintenance yes
DC (ie battery) or AC (mains) powered DC 
(optional mains adapter box available)
suitable for highway and tunnel use yes
suitable for wind energy use yes
suitable for general meteorological use yes


SWS-200 datasheet  SWS200.pdf 
SWS-200 user manual  DOC100948_06D-3.pdf 
SWS-200 Visibility and Present Weather Sensor
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