SWS-250 Visibility and Present Weather Sensor

The Visibility Sensor measuresvisibility and present weather conditions and well as providing information on past weather.

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Visibility measurement range 10m to 75km.

MOR and EXCO output.

Serial data output (RS232 & RS422/RS485).

Very low power requirements.

Data Output

The Visibility Sensor is provided with RS-232C and RS422/RS485 serial data outputs as standard for reliable and simple connection to a wide range of monitoring and control systems.


The Visibility Sensor is a single lightweight unit and can easily be installed by one person.

Maintenance and calibration

The Visibility Sensor is fully calibrated at the time of manufacture.

More information on: http://www.biral.com/meteorological-sensors/visibility-and-present-weather

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SWS-250 Visibility and Present Weather Sensor