Meteorological / Hydrological Station AMS 156

AMS156 is powerful and compact electronical meteorological - hydrological station.

  • Quick installation
  • Measures flexible set of parameters
  • Simple to use
  • High accuracy
  • Low power consumption
  • Possible powering with alternative energy sources (wind, solar panels)
  • Internal data storage, expandable with SD memory cards
  • Communication over RS 232, RS 485 or Ethernet



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AMS156 is low-cost, compact, lightweight, computerised, low power meteorological station for ground measurements. Electronics of the station is enclosed in a cabinet that can be mounted on a standard mounting DIN rail. IP 65 protected cabinet can be used to mount AMS156 outside.

Station can accept all standard meteorological sensors (temperature, relative humidity, atmospheric pressure, wind, ground temperature, precipitation, etc.). Other sensors (hydrological, radiological, environmental....) can also be connected. Meteorological calculations, such as evaporation, sunshine duration, QFF, QFE, QNH, dew point, automatic SYNOP generation, etc, can be incorporated in the station software. It measures current data and calculates, in selected time intervals, averages, maximum, minimum, sums, etc..

AMS156 has internal Flash memory, which can be enlarged by standard removable SD memory cards.

Station has internal data memory, 8 12-bit and 8 16-bit analog inputs, 18 digital inputs and 4 digital counters, all with extension possibility and can communicate through RS-232, RS-485 and Ethernet network.


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200mm x 100mm x 60mm ( L x W x D )


700 g

Hausing protection



DIN mounting rail

Power consumption

No display: 30 mA
With display: 60-80 mA
With TCP module: 180 mA



5 x 10 pin, 7 x 4pin, 1 x DB9 male RS232, 1 x FCC 8pol (LAN network, optional), 1 x SD/MMC

Operating temperature

-30 to + 60 °C

Storage temperature

-50 to + 80 °C


LCD, grafical 128x64, illuminated


Sealed, flat

Power supply

external, +10V to  15 VDC (optional 24V)

Analog inputs

8 channel 12 bit (4 dif.) 8 channel 16 bit  (4 dif.)

Digital inputs

18 ( 0 do 24V )

Digital counters

4 ( 16 bit  0 - 24V )

Current generators

2 x 0.2 - 20mA 2 x 200uA

Voltage generators

2 x 0.2 -10V, 1 x 3V

Analog outputs

2 channel, 4 - 20 mA (optional)

Digital outputs

4 ( TTL )

Sensors connection

direct, paralel up to 2 km or: 2-wire RS485 up to 5 km RS232A, RS 485, SDI-12

Communication outputs

RS232,  RS485, LAN (optional)


Manual AMS 156  AMS156_manual.pdf 
Datasheet AMS156  AMS156_EN.pdf 

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Meteorological / Hydrological Station AMS 156
Meteorological / Hydrological Station AMS 156
Meteorological / Hydrological Station AMS 156
AMS 156 meteorological station
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