Wind speed and direction sensor VMT 107A

Wind transmitter VMT107A is a combined sensor for wind speed and wind direction. 

  • Small dimensions
  • Low-threshold starting speed
  • Resistant to all weather conditions
  • Anodized aluminum and plastic
  • Different output signal
  • Type calibrated in wind tunnel
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Suitable for national met office


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Wind transmitter VMT107A is a small dimensions, digital optoelectronic sensor for wind speed and wind direction mesurements. It is made from naturally anodized aluminium. Quality sealed ball bearings are used for both speed and direction measuring systems.

For wind speed part of the sensor a lightweight three-cup assembly (Robinson's cup) is used which, with a stroboscope disc and optoelectronic elements, gives frequency output proportional to the wind speed.
For the wind direction a square rudder is mounted on the axis of coding disc. In combination with the optoelectronic elements, this gives coded data on 6-bit Grey's coding system.
All electronic elements are protected against overvoltages by resistors and Zener diodes. Normal additional mechanical load (freezing) cannot damage the sensor.
On the bottom of VMT107A there are support for mounting the sensor and 10-pole connector.
Optional output: voltage, current, RS232, RS485 or SDI.


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Measuring range

0 m/s – 50 m/s

0° to 360°

Starting speed

0.5 m/s

0.5 m/s

Distance constant

aprox. 3m fluid flow past the sensor required to cause it to respond to 63,2%



+/- 0,5 m/s

+/- 2,75°


0,1 m/s



20 imp/m


Measuring system

stroboscopic disk, optoelectronic transducer

optoelectronic transducer

Output signal

pulse signal

frequency 1 kHz at 50 m/s

6-bit grey code

Optional ouput signal

voltage output 0…10V, current output 4…20 mA, RS232, RS485 serial communication (9600/8,N,1) or SDI

Power supply

12 VDC

Power consumption

12 mA

Operating temperature

-40 to + 60 ° C

Storage temperature

-50 to + 80 ° C


Souriau, 10-pole, weatherproof


9 wire, shielded


ϕ 300 x H 240 mm


400 g


mounting bracket, hole ϕ 6mm


body - anodized aluminium

Robinson's cup - UV stabilized plastic


VMT 107A diagram VMT 107A diagram VMT_107A_shema.PDF 
Datasheet VMT107A  VMT107A_EN.pdf 
Order form  VMT107A_Order_form.pdf 
Wind speed factory test   
Wind direction factory test   
Wind speed and direction sensor VMT 107A
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