Digital wind direction sensor DSV 39A

DSV39A is a rotational, digital, optoelectronic sensor to measure wind direction.

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DSV39A is a rotational, digital, optoelectronic sensor to measure wind direction.

To measure the wind direction it has a square plate and a counterweight mounted on a central shaft. Internal construction features a coded disc which in conjunction with the optoelectronic elements gives coded data about wind direction. Electronic components are protected from power surges with resistors and zener diodes. To measure the angle a 6-channel Gray coding system is used, wich prevents false data being sent when the individual channels switch between 1 and 0. This system guarantees accuracy to within 5,6 degrees. All parts of the device are made either from the stainless steel or naturaly anodised aluminium.

The shaft is spanned between two bearings. The upper one is teflone while the lower one is a double sapphire bearing. On the underside there are the carrying bracket and a watertight connector. The bore of the bracket is 25mm wide by 40mm deep.

DSV39 makes a functional pair with the wind speed measuring instrument DHV39. In most cases the two instruments are mounted on a single beam with a junction box and a lighning rod. The console is constructed so, that the individual instruments are installed separately, which helps prevent power surges to damage the equipment. The instrument is connected via a 10 wire shielded cable either directly to the measuring equipment or through a junction box. The instrument casing is grounded through the shield. Maintenace is virtualy unnecessary and need not be carried out unless the technical features of the instrument have changed significantly. Extra stress from icingcannot harm the instrument; however a black painted wing and an infra red spotlight can be used to prevent it.

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Starting speed: 0.05m/s
Resolution 12°
Power supply 12V 100mA
Weight 0,5kg
Measuring range 0° do 360°
Accuracy + /- 2,8°; +/- 0,75 %
Temperature - 40°C do 60°C
Size ~ 600 mm x 300 mm


DSV 39A Brochure DSV 39A Brochure DSV_39A_Eng.pdf 

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Digital wind direction sensor DSV 39A
Digital wind direction sensor DSV 39A