Water level meter

The system enables real-time monitoring of water levels of rivers, torrents, lakes, water basins, open water reservoirs, canals, etc.

Ideal solution for use as an early warning system (SMS, e-mail, ..) about exceeded preset limit values ​​and control of water retention systems. The database enables the development of models for monitoring the behavior of the watercourse regime of any hydrogeological basin.

The system is installed above the water level, is charged with a solar cell and sends measurements to the cloud via the GPRS network, which can be accessed via the eEMIS portal.


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The system is based on the SOMLEVEL-15 radar sensor for non-contact operation measuring levels exceeding 15 m with an accuracy of up to 2 mm. The sensor emits a continuous 80 GHz radar signal towards the surface of the medium; reflected waves are detected by a sensor antenna. The frequency difference between the transmitted and received signal is proportional to the measured distance. Thanks to the non-contact and highly reliable technology, the sensor allows the removal of interference caused by floating debris or water disturbances.


In addition to the radar sensor, the system includes a SPA170 data collector, which allows the measured values ​​to be sent to the cloud.

The system is powered by a battery and a solar cell, the capacity (and therefore size) of which determines the climatic conditions and shading of the room in which the water level meter is installed.


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Water level meter
Water level meter
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