Snow melt analyser SMA

The Snow Melt Analyser (SMA) constitutes the ideal measuring solution for the analysis of snowmelt. With its help, melting processes in the snow can be detected and the water run-off can be ascertained and used for flood forecasts or for water management.

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  • Forecasting of the water run-off during snowmelt
  • Recording of the snow parameters snow water equivalent (SWE), snow density, liquid water content and ice content
  • Early recognition of an increase in the liquid water content in the snow pack
  • Simple installation and configuration, no calibration necessary
  • Low energy consumption, solar-powered operation is possible


The Snow Melt Analyser (SMA) is an innovative sensor for automatic and continuous measurement of diverse parameters of the snow pack, as for example snow density, liquid water content and ice content. With those data, a reliable prediction of the snowmelt as well as the expected water run off can be determined. The measurement data of the SMA are very helpful for avalanche and flood warning services, power plant operators as well as water reservoir management or water management in general.

Resolution 0,1 %
Dimensions aluminium frame: 3.000 x 600 mm,
switch cabinet: 70 x 100 x 55 mm
Protection IP 65
Power supply 10,5 to 15 VDC
Power consumption max. 50 mA (for 5 sec), < 2 mA (in standby)
Operating temperature -35 °C to +80 °C
Output serial interface RS 485, SDI-12
Parameters measured liquid water content, ice content, snow water equivalent


Snow melt Analyzer Snowmelt analyzer appropriate for lood prediction and water management DataSheet_SMA_EN.pdf 
Snow melt analyser SMA
Snow melt Analyser SMA
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