Rain-O-Matic "Tower" rain gauge

The Rain-O-Matic "Tower" rain gauge is a versatile rain gauge made by the Pronamic company, intended for general use.

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The Rain-O-Matic "Tower" is a compact and accurate rain gauge from the danish manufacturer Pronamic. Every one is factory calibrated and accurate to within 1mm of precipitation. The orifice area is 50mm2 and the mechanism uses a tipping bucket and a reed switch. The materials used in the measring mechanism and the gauge itself have been chosen to maximize reliablility and minimize maintenance. The electronic circuit is protected from water ingress and from marine salt.

  Metric version US version
Resolution 1,0mm 1/10 inch
Orifice 50cm2 7,75 sq inch
Height 10,0cm 3,96 inch
Mass 118g 4,1 oz


Rain-O-Matic "Tower" Brochure Rain-O-Matic "Tower" Brochure Datasheet_Rain_O_Matic_Tower_2013_1.pdf 

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Rain-O-Matic "Tower" rain gauge
Rain-O-Matic "Tower"