Handheld anemometer RVM 96B-1

The RVM 96B-1 is a portable, easy to use electro – mechanical device for wind speed and direction measurements. It is particularly suited for usage in adverse conditions, where other instruments due to their design, weight or dimensions, would be unsuitable. Suitable for military, coast guard, firemen, construction workers, sports, etc.

•Built-in electronic compass
•Anodized aluminum
•Illuminated LC wind speed display
•Display of instant, 1 min average and 1 min maximum wind speed data
•RS 232 data transmission as an option
•Type calibrated in wind tunnel  
•Long battery life, auto power-off
•Transport case included
•Designed in accordance with NATO standards



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The RVM 96B-1 is a portable, easy to use electro – mechanical device for wind speed and direction measurements. It contains a built-in electronic compass.

The system for measuring wind speed is optoelectronic, with a 3-cup Robinson’s cross and a digital liquid crystal display. Wind speed is sampled in 1-second intervals. The Instrument also calculates 1-minute average and max speed and shows those values on display.

A mechanical system with a vane and circular scale is used for measuring the direction of the wind.

A built-in electronic compass enables proper orientation of the device.

The RVM 96B-1 can be set to measure wind speed in m/s, km/h, knots, or mph. The speed unit is user selectable.

Four AA-type (R6) batteries located in the handle power the electronics. An automatic power-off circuit switches the instrument off, if the cup assembly is stationary for more than 4 minutes. As an option, wind speed data can be transmitted to an external device in 1-second intervals via a RS-232 serial port.

The handle lid has standard ¼” threaded hole to enable the attachment of the device to a standard camera tripod.

The RVM 96B-1C is equipped with a portable case.

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Measuring range

0 m/s – 50 m/s

0° to 360°

Starting speed

0.5 m/s

0.5 m/s


+/- 0,5 m/s

+/- 2,75°


0,1 m/s



20 imp/m


Measuring system

stroboscopic disc, optoelectronic transducer


circular scale

Power supply

4x 1.5 V AA batteries,

up to 70h  without illumination, up to 15h with illumination

Power consumption

5 mA, 25 mA with display illumination

Separate battery charger

voltage and current limited,
included charger 220-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 6-13.8 VDC, unstabilized


LCD, graphical 102x64, illuminated

Operating temperature

-20 to + 40 °C

Storage temperature

-40 to + 60 °C


300 mm x 220 mm x 120 mm (L x W x H)


500 g


threaded hole for camera tripod (1/4 - 20 UNC)


body – anodised aluminium
Robinson's cup - UV stabilized plastic

Casing protection

IP 51

Carrying weight (with case)

about 3kg


serial communication RS232 with cable DB-9, 1.5m


RVM-96B User Manual User manual for the RVM-96B handheld anemometer RVM96B_1_broch_rev3.pdf 
Calibration certificate - Windguard  1835151_1280.pdf 
Datasheet RVM96B1  RVM96B_EN.pdf 
Order form  RVM96B_Order_form.pdf 
Handheld anemometer RVM96B   
Wind speed factory test   
Handheld anemometer RVM 96B-1
RVM 96B-1 - Battery Compartment
Handheld anemometer RVM 96B-1
RVM 96B-1 Carying Case
Handheld anemometer RVM 96B-1
RVM 96B in use
Handheld anemometer RVM 96B-1
RVM 96B in use
Handheld anemometer RVM 96B-1
Handheld anemometer RVM 96B-1
Handheld anemometer RVM 96B-1
RVM 96B-1 Display
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