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Santa Arrives Early to Slovenia

AMES didn’t get a lump of C-12 from Santa this year.  Instead, with the help from the elves at Theta-Consult, they received shiny new Cs-137, Am-241, and Am-241/Be (AmBe) sources.  

This is the first contractor delivery of the program’s newly adopted Americium-based sources to a partner country for sustainability.  Working in partnership, the Slovenians and Theta-Consult mushed through a snowbank of documentation, including diving deep into the regulation language to ensure all the I’s were dotted and the T’s were crossed.  This hard work culminated with Theta-Consult hand delivering the sources to AMES on December 8.

The great thing about the Americium-based sources is that Slovenia will not need to put them on their Christmas wish list in the foreseeable future as the half-life of an Am-241 based source eliminates the need to replace either.  This was not the case with the Co-57 and Cf-252 sources, they require replacement every three or nine years, respectively.

Theta is under contract to deliver sources to over 50 partner countries in the next couple of years.  These deliveries should ensure that our partners have the necessary sources to perform functional compliance testing on the RPM.  If your partner country hasn’t considered new sources this Christmas, now might be the time to check those expiration dates.