Quality policy

The achievement of comprehensive quality in AMES is understood as a permanent process  of continuous improvement of our products, services and operations, which is integrated into the whole enterprise and is in the quality of the organisation and business culture and in the technical quality of the goods and services. We decided to check the continuity and comparability of the company's overall quality internally and externally in accordance with international standards.

By ingading the process of introducing and improving the company's overall quality, we want to achieve the following objectives:

  • compliance of the AMES comprehensive quality system with international standards and thus its transparency and comparability
  • compliance oftheproducts, services and business with customer requirements
  • qualityof the products in relation to:
    • technical implementation and adequacy of technical standards
    • required measurement accuracy and stability
    • user-friendliness
    • security
    • reliability of operation
    • economics
  • environmental friendliness
  • business performance and growth of AMES
  • growth of the company's reputation
  • rapid and appropriate reactions to requests andcomplaintsfrom
  • prevent problems caused by customers or by a lack of quality to our customers or to
  • timely detection and correction of all factors that could reducethequality of the
  • the pride of employees onahigh level of overall quality, thus strengthening the affiliation of AMES employees.

When aligning with AMES's comprehensive quality system, we follow the following guidelines:

  • AMES operates fully, internally and externally as a high quality company.
  • Quality assurance and accountability are distributed throughout the company and throughout the work process.
  • Everyone is personally responsible for the quality of their work.
  • The extent of personal responsibility for the overall quality of the enterprise is proportionate and consistentwith that of the employee of the company and clearly defined.
  • It is upto each employee to immediately draw attention to the obvious shortcomings in the implementation of the quality system and the responsible to act swiftly and appropriately.
  • Education is an integral part of the responsibility of management and employees for overall quality.
  • Quality cannot be achieved only by checking, but also and mainly by intecting it  into the products through development, production, servicing, and relations with business partners.
  • The quality of the products and services we supply to customers is high, defined and constant.
  • Customers are  our partners; the implementation of their requirements;  customer training, maintenance and servicing of our products, documentation and handling of customer complaints, and technical help to customers are part of the overall quality of our products and services.
  • The basic objective of AMES is general satisfaction of our customers and amployees.
  • We strive for correct and partnership relations with suppliers, as such relationships help us to ensure that the products supplied comply with the requirements, to good quality of our products and to the satisfaction of customers.

Comprehensive quality is a strategic orientation for the continued strengthening of AMES's reputation, its market performance, operating results, customer satisfaction and good and partner relations with customers. It is the foundation for successful business and growth of the company, employee satisfaction and their affiliation to AMES.The responsibility for the implementation of quality policy consciously bear, in proportion to its powers, all employees of the company.


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