The main purpose of eEMIS web application is storing and displaying ecological and meteorological data from a variety of instruments and sensors. It can be accessed on address

•On-line monitoring, storage and analysis of data obtained from various sources
•Manage all your sensors in one place
•24/7 secure access from anywhere on any device
•Automatic data quality control
•High system redundancy
•Critical data acquisition on 15s resolution
•Fully customizable reports and views
•Alarm option - early warning system
•Data transmission via APIs
•Export data to Excel, Text file, CSV, JSON


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  • Technical data
  • Documents
  • Video
  • Images

eEMIS provides insight of real time and history measured parameters, their graphs and reports, station location, alarm settings, notifications and customized user access. The use of eEMIS is possible 24/7 on all devices that have a browser installed and Internet access.

eEMIS is based on modular design, so each user can build the configuration based on his current needs. Each user can login with own username and password and build his personalized views and reports. All applications updates are available to all users instantly. 

Incoming data is stored in a SQL database for later viewing and analysis. The system automatically checks the validity of every piece of data according to pre-set rules, eliminating any invalid data from further calculations.

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Brochure eEMIS  EEMIS_EN.pdf 
eEMIS web application The eEMIS web application, found on the web is intended for storing and displaying meteorological data from a variety of instruments. Incoming data is stored in a SQL database for later viewing and analysis. Application is suitable for Early Warning Systems.  
eEMIS web application
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