E-Čebelar is an online application that monitor Ames beehive scale TCM-13 and TCM-13A . Allows you to edit locations, track public locations, view data history, weather forecast, send warnings, etc..

System is designed for anyone who lovingly or professionally deals with beekeeping.

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E-cebelar allow you:

  • MEASUREMENTS MONITORING: Quick and easy viewing of the most accurate data. In addition to a detailed overview of data collected over a longer period of time, for example, over a period of one month.
  • REPORTS AND ANALYZES: Reports and analyzes allow you to create reports with all data from any location and for any measurement time. You can choose between the locations, parameters, and the time interval of measurements that we want to compare.
  • MAP: The map shows all measurement locations in your metering system (including selected public locations). The color of the circle coincides with the increase in the last 24 hours, the color legend is located at the bottom of the map. The map can be moved, zoom in and out with the mouse or the control buttons on the screen. The map view can also be converted to a satellite image or back to topographic.
  • EVENT CALENDAR: Monitor specific events and notes of individual locations on the calendar.
  • SHARE MEASUREMENTS WITH OTHER USERS: In addition to monitoring metrics in your locations, you can also monitor metrics in locations that were shared by other e-Cebelar users.
  • NOTICE OF WEIGHT FALLING OR GROWTH: The ability to set SMS notification of changes in mass in locations where the mass for a given number of days is positive or negative.


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