TCM-13A Beehive scale - measurement station for honey-collection control

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• continuous operation for at least 3 years with one battery
• 3-year warranty
• 20 years of experience
• more than 50 scales in the Slovenian Beekeepers Association
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TCM-13A is a measurement station for honey-collection control. In general, this is an electronic scale with temperature and relative humidity sensors and GSM modem for data transfer. It is destinated for integration in honey-collection control system of Slovenian BeeKeepers Association, as also for independent bee-keepers, who want regular data about weight, temperature and relative humidity in ther dislocated beehives.

There is a quality weighting cell mounted in a stainless casing which can be permenantely loaded and with AMES measurement electronics guarantees extreme precision, practically without deviation because of temperature differences and other factors. Communication module consists of AMES temperature and relative humidity sensor, GSM modem, which is responsible for data transfer and two batteries, which assure approximately 3 years of autonomy.

Product references

Width 33 cm
Length 48 cm
Height 4.6cm or greater; adjustable
Weight 6.6 kg
Maximal scales load 200 kg
Operating temperature -30°C to + 50.0°C
Relative humidity measurement range 10 – 100%
Battery life 3 years


TCM-13 Beekeeping scale  TCM_13_Eng.pdf 
TCM-13 User manual Slovenian language user manual for the TCM-13 scale TCM_13_navodila_s_slikami_rev3.pdf 
TCM-13A User Manual User manual for the TCM-13A model beehive scale (with LCD display) TCM_13_navodila_s_slikami_rev3-0.pdf 

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TCM-13A Beehive scale - measurement station for honey-collection control
Beehive scale TCM 13
TCM-13A Beehive scale - measurement station for honey-collection control
TCM-13A Beehive scale
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