SpectroTRACER Air/Soil - Spectrometric probe

SpectroTRACER Air/Soil is a continuous operating measurement system for nuclide specific detection of even lowest level gamma contamination in air and on the ground.

The probe performs spectroscopic analysis of the measurement in order to identify the detected radionuclides. SpectroTRACER is used for radiation monitoring when a standard gamma dose rate monitor is not efficient enough and when it is required to qualify the nature of the gamma radiation.

The instrument is designed for operation under harsh conditions demanding minimum maintenance. Low power consumption enables stationary or mobile applications using battery back-up or solar supply.

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The SpectroTRACER Air/Soil probe is a continuous measurement system for detecting lowest gamma radiation in air and on the ground  but also perfectly suited for high gamma radiation measurement, e.g. in emergency cases. It performs a spectrometric analysis of the measurement to identify the detected radionuclides. The device is suited to gamma monitoring whenever a pure gamma dose rate monitor is not efficient enough or for qualifying the nature of the gamma radiation.

The probe has a thermal protection of scintillator/PMT and is available with a Nal(Tl), a LaBr3(Ce) or CeBr3 Brillance detector, that allows different dose rate measuring range (according to IEC60846), different activity detection and identification of nuclides of artificial isotopes and natural background and different stability against temperature variations.

Low power consumption allows stationary and mobile application: up to 10 days of autonomy with battery back-up package or unlimited operation by solar power.

The compact mobile setup can be installed within a few minutes and is available with several wireless data transmission options. The options for data transmission include LAN, WIFI, 2G/3G/4G/LTE, Satellite or proprietary ShortLINK/SkyLINK radio. The latter is used for transmission of the ambient dose rate and the activity data of major nuclides.

All SpectroTRACER components are integrated into hermetically sealed housing allowing permanent and maintenance-free operation even under harsh conditions. The compact design of the probe includes: detector – HV – preamp – MCA – low power PC – LAN interface – Optional: GPS, wireless data transmission modules, GM module (two Geiger Muller tubes, up to 10 Sv/h).

Radiation type

X and Gamma

Detector types

•  LaBr3 Brillance 1.5”x1.5” or 1″x1″

•  NaI(Tl) 3″x3″ or 2”x2”

•  CeBr3 1.5”x1.5”

Measuring unit

H*(10), Bq/m^2, Bq/m^3

Dose rate measuring range

•  LaBr3: up to 3 mSv/h

•  NaI(Tl): up to 200 uSv/h

•  CeBr3:  up to 3 mSv/h

Dose rate measuring range
(Geiger-Muller tube option)

Up to 1 Sv/h (extended 10 Sv/h)

Measurement cycle

1 min to 24 h, user configurable

Energy range

From 30 keV to 2 MeV or 30 keV to 3 MeV (configurable) with 8192 channels, 80 MHz sampling

Integrated nuclide library –
radioelement identification

Cs137, Cs134, K40, I131, mTc99, Co57, Co58, Co60, Fe59, Ra226, Eu152, Eu154. Other additional isotopes upon request from the user


Diameter 120 x 160 mm

Lenght 540 mm


≈ 4,8 kg depending on the type of detector

Internal storage

2 GB (allows up to 1 year local data storage in 10 min mode)

Built-in sensors

Temperature, humidity

Temperature (Operating)

-20°C to +50°C (option – 30°C to + 60°C)


IP 68 (hermetically sealed housing),

battery backup enclosure IP 65

Power supply

230V 50Hz or 10-24V, 2.5W

Backup battery

4 or 10 days/charger and solar panel (optional)

Communication interfaces

2G/3G/4G/LTE, ShortLINK/SkyLINK radio, satellite, WIFI or Ethernet, DSL with ANSI N42.42 data format

GPS functions

DataExpert-assisted mapping (option)

Mobile use

Car, helicopter or airplane


  • Additional sensors (rain, wind, weather)
  • Power supply by batteries and solar panel
  • Seismic qualified version
  • For water applications see SpectroTRACER Aqua

Hardware options

  • GPS
  • Rain sensor
  • Weather station (barometric pressure, humidity, precipitation, temperature, wind speed and direction)
  • Supports (wall, tripod, etc.)
  • Transport and storage case

Data transmission options

  • GPRS/3G module
  • Combined GPRS/3G and SkyLINK/ShortLINK radio module (up to 100 km, offers high availability even in disaster scenarios with overload of public networks) Satellite (Globalstar a.o.)
  • DSL modem

Software options

  • DataEXPERT monitoring software
  • WebVIEW access via web browser


SpectroTRACER Air/Soil datasheet  2019_04_29_Brochure_SpectroTRACER_web.pdf 
Radioactive radiation monitoring   
SpectroTRACER Air/Soil - Spectrometric probe
Spectrometric probe SpectroTRACER
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