Recordum Airpointer 4D: Multifunction air pollution monitor

The airpointer is a complete air quality measuring system. It is based around a modular construction method, which enables wide customization options for the customer. It can easily be installed and connected at any point, where measurements are required: Industrial sites, in traffic, within enclosed areas, construction sites, airports or even on the back of a trailer or utility vehicle, which enables mobile measurements.


Compliance with interanational standards assures the highest quality of measurements. The Airpointer has a built in system for control and data acquisition, and can be extended with a wide variety of external or internal sensors. The system saves the data locally and can also present it there. The Airpointer has a built in web server, which enables control of the Airpointer from anywhere on the globe, as well as transfer and display of measured data. The web application can also display graphical data and can be accessed from any device, even mobile phones and tablets.

The Airpointer 2D is the base model which only supports 2 sensor modules, compared to 4 on the Airpointer 4D.

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Pollutants – Standard modules

2 of the following modules


Weight: 12,0kg

Optional: SPAN module


Samo v kombinaciji z NOx modulu


Weight: 5,8kg

Optional: SPAN module

SO2 (H2S)

Weight: 8,5kg

Optional: SPAN modul e

Optional: H2S module


Weight: 9kg

Optional: SPAN module

More sensor modules

Photoionisation detector (PID) for volatile organic  (VOC)

Nephelometer for indicative PM monitoring (PM10, PM2,5)

Meteorological sensors: wind direction and velocity, temperature, air pressure, relative humidity, precipitation...

Traffic data sensors: Traffic count, made by various manufacturers

Senzorji hrupa; od različnih proizvajalcev

Electrochemical sensors for formaldehyde, ethane, chlorine...

For industrial applications, environmental hygiene, indoor air quality monitoring  (IAQ)

Sensors for monitoring indoor CO2 (IAQ)

GPS navigation sensors for linking monitoring data with geographical data

Radioactivity sensors

Dimensions (H/W/D)

890/782/400 mm          35/30,8/15,8 in



Power consumption

Max. 670W

Air flow

<2000 ccm/min + 2000 ccm/min for the nephelometer


Well-isolated double aluminium construction

Standard monitoring modules on removable drawers

Rugged inconspicuous burglar proof design

Standard equipment

Internal air conditioning and temperature control

Maintenance hatch

Cylinder lock (standard)

Zero air supply

Operating temperature

From -20°C/-4°F to +42°C/108°F (optional heater for temeratures down to


Optional equipment

Various types of mounting brackets

Wireless communications  (GPRS, 3G, WiFi...)

Sample gas conditioning (High relative humidity, high PM exposure)

Integration of external devices and instruments (e.g. 4-20mA, RS-232, Modbus via IP)

Solutions to communicate with external data systems (TCP-IP; Modbus via IP; RS-232; 4-20mA...

Various base frames and handling devices for on-site operation (roadside, workshop, indoor, pickup truck bed, trailer...)


Airpointer brochure Airpointer brochure Main_airpointer_brochure_engl_20121-0.pdf 

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Recordum Airpointer 4D: Multifunction air pollution monitor
Airpointer 2D
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