Rain gauge MR3H-F

Tipping-bucket ombrometer that measures quantity and intensity of precipitation

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MR3H-F is used to measure quantity and intensity of precipitation. Inside there is a tipping bucket with the 5ml containers. When the first container is full it turns over and the other starts to fill. When turn occurs, it breaks the light beam of an optoelectric transducer and generates an electric pulse. There is a heater built in, to prevent freezing. Temperature at which heater turns on is adjustable and is regulated by a thermostat. Built-in electronics dynamically corrects output according to the precipitation rate. On the upper side of MR3H-F there is a protection ring that prevents birds to carry dirt into the sensor. On the bottom side there is mounting element to fix sensor to the supporting rod.

MR3H-F is a product of Meteoservis, which is represented in Slovenia by AMES. For other Meteoservis ombrometers please visit their Internet site


Measuring area: 500cm2, +/- 2 cm2
Measuring range: 0 mm/h - 100 mm/h (0 l/h to 5 l/h)
Resolution: 0.1 mm (5ml)
Power for electronics: 12 V DC (18 V max)
Operating temperature range: -30 °C to +40 °C
Heater: 445 W
Dimensions: 336 mm by 278 mm
Weight: 5.1 kg


MR3H-F datasheet  c_140MR3H_F_C_2015_Eng1.pdf 

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Rain gauge MR3H-F
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