Pyranometer CMP 6

The CMP 6 pyranometer is intended for routine measurements of global solar radiation.

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The CMP 6 pyranometer is intended for routine global solar radiation measurements on a plane/level surface.

Fully compliant with ISO 9060:1990 specification for a First Class pyranometer, the CMP 6 features a sixty-four thermocouple junction (series connected) sensing element. The sensing element is coated with a highly stable carbon based non organic coating, which delivers excellent spectral absorption and long term stability characteristics.

CMP 6 has a similar detector to the lower-cost CMP 3 pyranometer, but has improved performance due to the increased thermal mass and the double glass dome construction. It is ideal for cost-effective, good quality measurements in hydrological networks and agriculture.

The integral bubble level is raised to the top of the housing and can be viewed without removing the redesigned snap-on sun shield, which also covers the connector. The connector with gold-plated contacts allows for easy exchange and re-calibration.

The screw-in drying cartridge is easy to remove and the replacement desiccant is supplied in convenient refill packets.

The Pyranometer does not require any power, it supplies a low voltage of 0-20mV in relation to the amount of incoming radiation. When a higher voltage level or a 4-20mA signal is required, the AMPBOX is the perfect solution.

CMP 6 is produced by Kipp&Zonen, which is in Slovenia represented by AMES. For other Kipp&Zonen products please visit their Internet site www.kippzonen.com.

Product references

Spectral range 285 to 2800 nm
Sensitivity 5 to 20 µV/W/m²
Response time 18 s
Zero offset A < 12 W/m²
Zero offset B < 4 W/m²
Directional error (up to 80 ° with 1000 W/m² beam) < 20 W/m²
Temperature dependence of sensitivity (-10 ºC to +40 ºC) < 4 %
Operating temperature range -40 °C to +80 °C
Maximum solar irradiance 2000 W/m²
Field of view 180 °


Leaflet CMP 6  CMP_6.pdf 
Brochure CMP series  pyranometers.pdf 
Pyranometer CMP 6
Pyranometer CMP 6
Pyranometer CMP 6
Pyranometer CMP 6
Pyranometer CMP 6
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