Multifunctional gamma radiation monitor MFM 203

MFM203 is a portable-size instrument for continuous monitoring of gamma radiation in the environment. It  autonomously performs all the necessary functions of a self-sustained local monitor. When connected to a data communication link, it serves as a smart field unit of the real-time automatic early warning network. Supplied with two energy-compensated GM probes of different sensitivities, MFM203 can cover dose-rates from the normal background to the accidental levels.

•Easy installation and management with instructions shown on the LCD
•Measures the dose rate and the dose of radioactive radiation
•Wide measuring range
•Predefined measurement uncertainty
•Two energy-compensated GM probes of different sensitivities
•Automatic control and diagnostic messages
•Linking to the communication network
•Simple reprogramming of code-protected measuring parameters
•Built-in rechargeable battery
•Possibility to connect meteorological sensor



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In the standard version the instrument consists of MFM203 measuring unit, remote “A” (high-sensitive) probe and remote “B” (low-sensitive) probe.

Quick and simple assembly, initiation and user friendly menu-based operation shown on the LCD. Pre-determined measurement error.

The instrument measures, displays, remotely transmits and prints:
- dose rate (Sv/h),
- probe counter (currently used for measurement),
- time,
- functional warnings,
- statistical uncertainties of measurements in %,
- triggers three types of adjustable alarms (with visual and audible signals), records their occurrences and transmits the alarm status,
- measures the dose increment (µSv) from the last periodic report (usually 24 hours),
- measures the total dose (µSv) of a longer time period (one year),
- »preset count mode«: with a predefined statistical uncertainty, it automatically adjusts measuring intervals to the intensity of the radiation (variable time constant of the instrument),
- »preset time mode«: instrument measures in a predefined equal time intervals (statistical uncertainty depends on the dose rate),
- automatically gives periodic reports on the dose increment, dose rates, alarms and functional warnings,
- allows simple type-in reprogramming of code-protected measuring parameters (for example, when introducing a new measuring mode or when changing the probe calibration constants),
- allows scrolling and manual printing of any data stored in the database, including setting parameters,
- has the ability to record precipitation (if a rain gauge is connected to the instrument) or any other meteorological sensor.

The MFM203 provides automatic bypassing of mains power failure (approx. 2 days) with a built-in rechargeable battery or with an optional larger external 12 V battery.

The microprocessor-controlled monitor is equipped with a keyboard and an alphanumeric LC Display. Unit autonomously processes, displays and prints (if equipped with the printer) all measured data and warnings, triggering visual and audible alarms.

It is designed to be connected on-line (via computer network interface, telephone line modem, or GPRS) to the central data collecting and controlling computer of an early warning system. Data can be transferred in real time or at scheduled time intervals. Small printer or external data storage can be connected as an option. 

System is fully compatible with AMES types MFM202 and MFM202A .

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monitor: 300 mm x 200 mm x 80 mm (L x W x H)
each probe: L 31 cm x Ø 5 cm


monitor: 4,8 kg

each probe: 0,8 kg


various options for mounting instruments and probes

Casing protection instrument

IP 65

Range of dose rates

standard version with probes A and B:

10•10-9 Sv/h do 10 Sv/h

version with probe A only:

10 x 10-9 Sv/h do 3 x 10-3 Sv/h

Range of doses in µSv

limited to 5 digit display and one digit decade exponent (XXXXXe+Y)

Energy response of probes

50 keV to 2 MeV, linear in the energy interval from 60 keV to 1.3 MeV within +/- 20 %


deviation less than 7 % within stated range


probe A model ZP1201 (more sensitive),

probe B model ZP1301 (less sensitive)

aluminium weather-proof housing with the exchangeable plastic cap, operating temperature range: -40ºC to +65ºC, over-range output signal, audible indication of pulses, power supply 12 VDC, internal high-voltage generator

Probes connector

Souriau, 6-pole, watertight

Probes cable

5 wire, shielded

Power supply

220 V 50Hz / 12 VDC, optional built-in rechargeable battery approx. 2 days


LCD 24 x 2 character with backlight

Power consumption

without display illumination 1,2 W (12 V, 100 mA)

Data storage

internal RAM storage: more than 10 days under any dose rates with possibility of adding FLASH EEPROM memory unit via RS-232-C buffer and port

Connection to the communications network

over buffer memory and RS-232-C port


programmed, with malfunction warnings and their combinations

Monitor connector

4 or 5 pole threaded DIN

Operating temperature

-40 to + 60 ° C

Storage temperature

-50 to + 80 ° C


extended length of probe cables up to a maximum of 150 m, printer, FLASH EEPROM memory unit, probes of different dose rate ranges for special purposes, external acoustic or visual alarm unit, permanent external battery power supply with solar panel

Accessories (option)

pole for upright positioning and fixing probes above ground with a minimum shading of ground, plastic expendable protective caps for probes, polypropylene plastic tube Ø=20 mm for outdoor probe cable protection


Manual MFM 203  MFM203_manual.PDF 
Datasheet MFM203  MFM203_EN.pdf 

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Multifunctional gamma radiation monitor MFM 203
Multifunctional gamma radiation monitor MFM 203
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