AMES Environmental Monitoring Systems

AMES is specialised for planning, designing, construction and maintenance of pollution monitoring automatic systems. Field stations of these networks continuously gather air pollution, meteorological and hydrological data (depending on the purpose of the system and configuration of the sensor part) and transmit them to the central computers. Dedicated programs, developed by AMES, perform QA / QC, data processing and data archiving. Further, they distribute the environmental information (using server / client principle) to the users. Data transmission media in such systems can be either PSTN, leased lines, GSM / GPRS, radio links, or Ethernet / Internet.

15 years of environmental-monitoring related development in AMES results in number of delivered systems for govermental agencies, thermal and nuclear power plants, industrial facilities, local comunities, landfil facilities, and research institutions. For a detailed description of relevant refferences visit our refference list

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AMES Environmental Monitoring Systems
AMES Environmental Monitoring Systems
AMES Environmental Monitoring Systems